I definitely recommend using Top Team Builders & Design for your solar needs. You get quotes from plenty of companies based on the size of system asked for and all the details for each one. You can review the quality of the panels, inverters, and batteries on the same site. They have reviews listed for each one and you can message them before giving your phone number out. This has made it so easy for me to make a decision and find the right one for me. It was fast easy, and put my mind at ease. They have all the information at your finger tips and you can research to your heart’s content. Gives you all the info to make the decision whether solar is right for you. You even have an independent consultant from Top Team Builders & Design if you have any questions or just want a second opinion other then the companies. All the companies recommend were licensed and insured to due Solar. I am so happy I went through them, it made the process so much easier. I will let everyone know to use it if they decide to go solar!