In-Home Basketball Courts

Whether you choose traditional hardwood or state of the art synthetics, Top Team Builders & Design will help you design an indoor court. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood. Personalize your court with your collegiate logo or custom designed graphics and you may never leave your home again. Full court or half court, no job is too big or small.

Courts are easily converted between sports, making them ideal for schools and recreation centers. If you are running an after-school program, you can easily transform a basketball court to a tennis court to a soccer field! If you live in a colder climate, your Court could even be designed to withstand floods and act as a makeshift ice rink.
Your Court is made from an engineered surface with high shock absorbency. The floor comes with all-weather traction, allowing for year-round use indoors and out, and is designed to self-drain, eliminating the need to sweep or squeegee excess water off of your court. The floor is designed to handle the same amount of bounce or swing as a regular surface.
Courts are easily customizable. Your court can be your school or facility colors, or have the appearance of wood. Decide how you want to show off your home field advantage!

Why choose us for basketball court installation?

Why wouldn’t you want that same technology and level of quality in your own backyard basketball court? Our Sport Court technology is the only modular surface used in a professional basketball league and we can build it in your backyard!

Here are some of the reasons why contacting Top Team Builders & Design for your basketball court installation:

  • Safest Backyard Basketball Court Surface Available
  • We Custom-Build Your Court for Your Favorite Activities
  • Highest-Quality Components & Materials

In addition to designing and installing tennis courts, our we also specialize in backyard multi-sport game courts, volleyball courts, futsal courts, roller hockey courts, netball courts, handball courts, and putting greens.